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This Portfolio tracker can be used to track Equities, Mutual funds/ULIP, Fixed income (Fixed Deposits), Gold, Real Estate and other investments. Equity and Mutual fund sheet used to fetch latest data from internet and update automatically. Other investments (Gold and Real Estate) current value has to update manually. This Portfolio tracker provides Mutual fund level summary and full portfolio level summary. This gives overall picture of your investments. It include 2 sheets, 'Latest NAV Sheet' and 'Benchmark' are used to hold data retrieved from internet. Please don't change in this sheet. Following investment sheets are available:

  • Mutual Fund Tracker:

    This used to track mutual fund and ULIP. It also provide your mutual fund break-up summary based on Debt, Equity and Balanced . This summary is quite useful since we can differential our mutual fund investement among Debt (safe), Equity (Risky) and Balance (Moderate risky) investments. User has to enter correct mutual fund name in B:4 onwards. Mutual fund name can be selected using drop down that may be tedious for user. It is better to find desired mutual fund name from Column 'F' of Sheet : 'Latest NAV Sheet'. Enter other supporting field for mutual fund purchases as 'Investment Date', Purchase NAV and Units. If you want to track your mutual fund performance against 'Nifty'/'Sensex' You have to enter nifty and sensex value as on purchase date. From Column 'M' to 'V' provide profit/loss amount and percentage, Annualize return and comparison with bench mark (Nifty/Sensex).

    How it works: It used to download latest NAV from the internet using web query. So Internet connection is must for latest NAV, without this it will use old NAV.

  • Fixed Income Tracker:

    This Sheet can be used to track fixed incomes like fixed deposits, recurring deposits, or any bond. Any instrument that has fixed maturity time and fixed maturity amount can be listed here. User has to enter 'Investment date', Days, Rate, Amount and Maturity Amount. If any deposit is about to mature and its remaining maturity date is less than 40 days Row color will be changed to About to Mature fixed income bond

    If any deposit's already matured and not removed from this sheet, its color will be changed to Matured Fixed Income Bond / Deposits

  • Equity Tracker:

    This sheet will provide tracking of equities of your portfolio. It will use Excel web query and update current equity price. It can be also used as equity watch list.

  • Gold Tracker:

    Gold or any other precious metal is part of portfolio from the generation. Since these metals provide you hedge against inflation, Risk and good return also. This sheet will provide tracking of Gold investment of your portfolio. You have to enter you all your gold/silver and any other precious metal purchases in this sheet. Since this sheet is not automatically refreshed you have to enter current price for your precious metal. Your Current position, Profit/Loss, and percentage will be updated.

  • Real Estate Tracker:

    Everybody knows Real estate invetment returns is highest as well safest. Investment coast is high that is different part. Everyone want to do investment in real estate for its good return. This sheet will provide tracking of Real Estate investment of your portfolio. You have to enter you all your real estate purchases in this sheed. Since Excel can't track the current price of real estate investments so you have to enter current price for your properties. Your Current position, Profit/Loss, and percentage will be updated.

  • Summary Sheet: Portfolio Summary SpreadsheetPortfolio Summary

    This Sheet provide you the summary of all your investment and chart. It also divide your investment in different category and shows chart and table.

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